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Ancient Cause is welcoming you!
Welcome to the Ancient Cause Alliance.
The Alliance consists by several Kinships and individuals of the European server [ΕN-RP]Laurelin (Εllada and Flames of Anor)!
Our purpose: To enjoy the environment of Middle-Earth through good company and Fun momments. To see all the achievements fall by our blades!

Just Enjoy and Have Fun! Mae govannen mellyn!
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May 31, 2011 at 02:09 AM
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Day/Days for Raiding

Choose your favorite/favorites days.

We can start voting for the favourite days for raiding. As the polls in these fora can only give you one option, If you like, try to answer while voting, with a second favourite day. :)

Raid Time will be around 20:30 (GMT+2) till 24:00 (GMT+2)

+ Votes:

Nando - Friday
Berathorn - Friday
Ramarod - Thursday
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